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Mesh Fencing

Mesh fencing includes such wire as hinge joint, stiff stay not, farm lock not, weld mesh, dog mesh, chain mesh fencing, horse mesh, diamond mesh, rural netting and chicken wire. Hinge joint is used where sheep will be grazed; it is also effective in keeping larger dogs, goats and cattle. Ranging in size from 900mm high to 1.9meters high there are many different applications for this mesh. Weld mesh and dog mesh are used to keep small to large dogs in, it can also be used to fence in chickens and rabbits.

Weld Mesh Fencing

Weld Mesh Fencing

Weld mesh is also a safe to use around horses. Chain mesh fencing also makes a great decorative front fence that will also make your property more secure, chain mesh is mostly used as a security fence around industrial land. Horse mesh and diamond mesh are both safe and effective horse fence that will reduce animal injury substantially. The holes in the mesh are too small for the horses feet to fit through meaning they cannot cut their legs or get there shoes stuck. Rural netting and chicken wire and used on chicken coop and chicken runs, rural netting is used to rabbit proof fencing and when overlapped on to the ground is very affective.

Pig Weld Mesh Fencing

Rural netting also make a great fence for small dogs. Farm Fencing Melbourne can help you chose the right mesh to suite your needs and budget. .........Enquire Now.