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Plain and Barbed wire Fencing. Plain and Barbed wire Fencing.

Farm Fencing Melbourne can help you choose which fence will suite your needs best, plain wire is a cost effective way to construct a fence which will contain larger animals. If your trying to define boundaries then plain wire is a safe and practical option, if keeping cattle in then electrifying the plain wire is a good idea as it will keep animals from stretching the wires and reducing the life of your fence. Barbed wire is best used where security is a priority, put with chain mesh fencing is a very effective way to keep intruders out. Barbed wire is also very effective in keeping livestock in and out of your property, even though it can damage hides and cut animals it is more reliable then electric fencing. Boundary fencing on livestock farms tend to use barbed wire and electric wire to be sure animals don’t get out or in.